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Alongside the production and organization, Manicomics practice an intense activity of Special Projects where the theater is used as a form of relationship, enrichment and growth. Workshop activities in schools, in business, in places of discomfort, in social environment, direction and performances set up specifically to give special or commemorative events.
In this regard, since 1997 Manicomics Theater also works in the field of training for teachers and staff of the school and from 2004 to 2015, according to the D.M. 177/2000 has received accreditation from the Ministry of Education of the University and Research (M.I.U.R.), as an institution for the training of school staff for artistic disciplines (currently being re-accredited for the change of verification procedures).

In this direction Manicomics has carried out a long series of special projects, some of which are still active. The following are worth mentioning.

IREN SPAand EDUIREN: there are several projects, in and past, carried out in collaboration with IREN.
- The project of Theater Education RIFIUTANDO;
- The production of shows on the theme of sustainability ("RICICLANDO", "ALLA CARICA!!!", "GOCCE");
- Training activities for teachers, operators and communication experts of the TEATRO E AMBIENTE project on the territory of Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Turin, Genoa and Vercelli.
For more information: 0039 333 9343615

ASSOCIAZIONE TEATRO GIOVANI TEATRO PIRATA DI SERRA SAN QUIRICO: for a long time Rolando Tarquini and Allegra Spernanzoni have collaborated with the Associazione Teatro Giovani (now ATGTP) of Serra San Quirico, an institution within the FARE TEATRO EDUCAZIONE in Italy. The collaboration with the Association has especially concerned the NATIONAL SCHOOL THEATER REVIEW, and the NATIONAL TEACHING ACTIVITIES with the S.E.T.E. (Summer School of Theater Education)

COMUNE DI PIACENZA - PROGETTI RIVOLTI AL CONTRASTO DEL DISAGIO GIOVANILE: since 1990 Manicomics Theater collaborates with the Youth Assessments and School of the Municipality of Piacenza to implement projects in schools in the territory where art is used as a tool to combat youth problems and to early school leaving. The activities carried out in this direction have been innumerable and in particular aimed at TEACHER TRAINING, TEATRAL WORKSHOPS IN SCHOOLS, THE CONSTITUTION OF REVIEWS AND EVENTS (Limitrofie). In particular, we quote:
- the Territorial Review of Piacenza and the Province LIMITROFIE from 1998 to 2006: review of shows made by the boys. See the EVENTI page;
- the MEDIASCUOLA project from 2013 to 2014 and the participation in the Zone Plan in 2015 and 2016: theatrical laboratory interventions in local schools;
- the GIRATIME project from 2013 to today: an inter-school laboratory project aimed at local higher schools in collaboration with the Eureka Cooperative;
- the NO BULLS BE FRIEND project in 2014/2015: artistic laborotari and show-lessons for the prevention of bullying directed at local higher schools, in collaboration also with Unione Province of Italy (UPI) and the Province of Piacenza;
- the TEATRO DI CLASSE 1.0 and 2.0 project from 2016 to today: Manicomics is the winner for two consecutive years of the Municipal Call entitled "Public notice for the granting of grants to support the implementation of socio-educational project proposals in favor of organizations of the Third Sector "

PROGETTI DI TEATRO SOCIALE: Manicomics Teatro plans and conducts operations of artistic workshops aimed at the sorrows of distress and the training and integration of the citizen. In particular it is worth remembering:
- the School Taverna project from 2013 to 2016: the project in collaboration with Mondoaperto at the Taverna di Piacenza school was aimed at the integration and inclusion of disadvantaged and foreign minor subjects;
- the TEATRABILITA' project from 2015 to today: a mixed theater workshop project aimed at the Residences and the Occupational Social Center of A.S.P. - City of Piacenza;
- the Ti.Ti. Project Theater and Therapy, since 2011: theatrical workshops in collaboration with AUSL of Piacenza and dr. Uber.
- the project of rapid laboratory intervention since 2016: theatrical workshops in the school in collaboration with COOPSELIOS;

I LABORATORI TEATRALI NELLA SCUOLA: since 1993 Manicomics theater holds theater workshops in schools of all levels. The theater is a fundamental tool psycho-pedagogical and experiential learning that helps develop an active culture. In the period from 1993 to 2006 we collected all the texts in the school theater workshops and / or with groups of children and adolescents. A fertile period for the theater in school. A time when the theater was able to enter school with a proposal for active learning. The following collection of texts that have been produced in laboratories in the schools and in particular in Piacenza, where the company operates Manicomics. Info: Rolando Tarquini: +39 333 9343615 and Allegra Spernanzoni: +39 333 174188
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